Youth Ministries

Peniel hosts regular youth activities, including a youth worship service every third Sunday of the month. We believe in the importance of spending time with and listening to young people while guiding them into a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ, using teachable moments to instill in them the practical application of God’s word and challenging them to respond to the calling on their lives to serve others, make a spiritual impact on their generation and love God with all their hearts. For ages 5-8, call Heather Dagenais at (860) 885-4372. For ages 9-12 and ages 13 and up, call Stephanie Hamel at (860) 608-7859 or Adam Bowles at (860) 861-4246.

Peniel youth group attends Jeremy Camp concert from Peniel Church on Vimeo.

More than 50 pre-teens and teens joined us for our 2012 Christmas Party!

Youth group outdoor dinner at Hamels

2012 youth talent show for Haiti

Youth group celebrates 2012 National Bubble Gum Day!

2011 Youth Group Christmas Party

Zachory Restor leaves for Air Force

Count blessings, not condemned signs

Count blessings, not condemned signs.

We've seen enough "condemned" signs in our neighborhood. It's time to speak another message: "Blessed!"
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Peniel means the “Face of God.” Genesis 32:30
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