Christmas outreach aids 49 families

Santa gives bags of candy to children at annual Christmas outreach service

Children line up to visit Santa during annual Christmas outreach service

Boxes of gifts were distributed to 49 needy families in the area during the morning and evening Christmas services on Dec. 18.

Both services were full, with nearly 200 people who attended the morning service and 245 people who attended the evening service.

The exciting news is approximately 50 people raised their hands, making decisions to follow Jesus.

And that’s just what we can see. God knows the hearts of all those who were touched by His spirit and the eternal good that yet may bear fruit in the years to come.

This year’s concert featured some new faces, including Aj Fontaine, who sang, “Mary did you know?” and Rebecca Cornelius, who signed “Silent Night.”

Noah White, Dina Erie, and Goldie McPhaul also sang solos. Jaime Hamel did an excellent job leading the choir, along with Heidi Dexter, Heather Dagenais and the musicians: Mark Dexter, Bob Hamel, Mike Sanon, Jono Wibberley, Danielle Ellsworth, Lynelle Solarek, and Ana Dagenais.

Thanks to Jackie Hall for interpreting the three short messages in the morning in Spanish.

Pray for the outreach families as we follow up with them. Let’s believe that the “extra” seats used for this year’s services will be part of our regularly used seats as we see souls added to His kingdom.

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